HVAC Install Technician Courses

The Install Technician Courses are the foundation of the HVAC/R Certification program at NTI. This first part of the program gets students familiar with the fundamentals of HVAC/R servicing, and includes the EPA 608 seminar & certification exam.

The HVAC Install Technician curriculum is 88 total hours, broken into 4 courses and only costs $3,255.00

Electrical I: Basic Electrical Theory


FORMAT: Lecture and Lab

TOPICS INCLUDE: Electron Theory, Basic Electrical Math, Ohm’s Law, Basic Electrical Circuits, Series and Parallel Circuits, Schematics.

Electrical II: Electrical Application

PREREQUISITE: Electrical I (or equivalent training)

FORMAT: Lecture and Lab

TOPICS INCLUDE: Industrial Control Circuits, Motor Controls, Starting and Running Circuits and Motor Protection. An emphasis will be placed on understanding and wiring control circuits. Electrical Safety will be emphasized.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Fundamentals


FORMAT: Lecture and Lab

TOPICS INCLUDE: Refrigeration History, Refrigeration Theory, Thermal Laws, Components of a Refrigeration System, Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigerant Properties, Compressor Types, ARI Standards. Refrigeration Tool Usage, including Gauges, TP Chart, Soldering, Brazing. Safety will be emphasized.

EPA Certification Seminar & Exam


FORMAT: Lecture and Proctored Testing

TOPICS INCLUDE: Students will become familiar with the E.P.A. Rule 608 40-CFR, part 82 subpart (f). Students will become familiar with types of certification, theory on ozone loss, legal requirements regarding use and disposal of refrigerants containing CFC’s. Proper recycling techniques, recovery techniques and refrigerant disposal will be covered.

Please note that exact topic names are subject to change as required by changes in the industry and education practices.